November 2020 San Francisco and Statewide Ballot Measures

For your use and reference in the upcoming campaign season, we have compiled information about all of the San Francisco and statewide ballot measures which will appear on the November 2020 ballot.  Summaries and full texts of the measures are attached.

San Francisco Measures 2 of 2

State Measures

San Francisco Measures

Prop. A –     Health and Homelessness, Parks and Streets Bonds

Prop. B –     Department of Sanitation and Streets, Sanitation and Streets Commission,

  and Public Works Commission

Prop. C –     Citizenship Requirements for Commission Membership

Prop. D –     Sheriff Department Oversight Board and Inspector General

Prop. E –     Police Department Staffing Levels

Prop. F –     Business and Tax Regulations Code – Adjustment of Baseline Funding and

  Business Tax Changes

Prop. G –     16 and 17-Year-Olds Voting in Municipal Elections

Prop. H –     Save Our Small Businesses Initiative, Simplifying Restrictions in

  Neighborhood Commercial Districts and Permitting Processes for Certain

Prop. I –     Business and Tax Regulations Code – Real Property Transfer Tax Rate

 Increase on Transfers of Properties for at Least $10,000,000

Prop. J –     Parcel Tax Repeal and Replacement

Prop. K –     Authorizing the Development of Up to 10,000 Affordable Rental Units in

  the City

Prop. L –    Tax on Businesses With Disproportionate Executive Pay

Statewide Measures

Prop. 14 –     The California Stem Cell Research, Treatments, and Cures Initiative

Prop. 15 –     The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act

Prop. 16 –     ACA 5, Government Preferences

Prop. 17 –     ACA 6, Elections: Disqualification of Electors

Prop. 18 –    ACA 4, Elections: Voting Age

Prop. 19 –     ACA 11, Mullin. The Home Protection for Seniors, Severely Disabled,

   Families, and Victims of Wildfire or Natural Disasters Act

Prop. 20 –     Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act

Prop. 21 –     Rental Affordability Act

Prop. 22 –     Protect App-Based Drivers and Services Act

Prop. 23 –     Protect the Lives of Dialysis Patients Act

Prop. 24 –     The California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act

Prop. 25 –     Referendum to Overturn a 2018 Law That Replaced Money Bail System

   with a System Based on Public Safety Risk
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