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Developments in State and Local Lobbying Laws

December 2022 Several recent changes have been made to state and local lobbying laws which deserve attention from those who are active in government affairs in California.   Expanded Disclosure Requirements for State “Grassroots Lobbying” Ads   The Governor signed a bill (SB 459) which will require an “Ad paid […]

Campaign Alert (October 2022)

Campaign Contribution Restriction Just Signed by Governor Would Dramatically Change Local Land Use and Government Contracting Decisions Governor Newsom signed a law last week which will require city councilpersons and members of county boards of supervisors to recuse themselves from voting on real estate projects and government contracting decisions if […]

24 Hours Reporting Period Begins Today

This is a reminder that the 24-hour reporting period for political contributions made in connection with the November 8, 2022, election begins today, August 10, 2022. Any contributions or independent expenditures for state or local candidates or ballot measures which will appear on the upcoming November 2022 ballot which aggregate $1,000 […]

San Francisco Election Alert

August 2021 Even though 2021 is supposedly an “off” election year, San Franciscans are likely to be asked to vote several times between now and the June 2022 regular statewide election.   Voting for Governor on September 14. At Governor Newsom’s request, the State Legislature amended state law in order […]

Possible Los Angeles Mayoral Election

August 2021 With Mayor Garcetti on his way to becoming Ambassador to India, a vacancy is expected to occur in the Mayor’s office and the political wrangling over a successor will officially begin. If the U.S. Senate confirms Mayor Garcetti’s ambassadorship:   •  Council President Nury Martinez will become Acting Mayor until […]