Challenging Voter Information Pamphlet Materials (December 2019)

As the March 3, 2020 election season heats up, candidates and consultants should keep in mind that the law allows campaigns to challenge false, misleading, or improper information which will appear in the voter information pamphlet and/or on the ballot.  These include candidate ballot designations, candidate statements, and arguments for […]

New San Francisco Ban on Real Estate Contributions (November 2019)

Last week, San Francisco’s voters passed Prop. F, which provides three new campaign finance rules. First, Prop. F will ban contributions to the Mayor, Supervisors, City Attorney and candidates for those offices from owners and high-level executives of real estate developers.  Despite rumors to the contrary, the law will not […]

Proposed Ban on Contributions from Real Estate Developers

As you may recall, Los Angeles City Councilman Ryu and the City Ethics Commission (“CEC”) submitted competing proposals last spring to ban campaign contributions from real estate developers.  After several hearings, the City Council asked the City Attorney’s office to draft ordinances based on the two proposals, and the ordinances […]